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Horse Training

Trainer Benefits and Features

Weekend Equestrian is dedicated to supporting Trainers in your teaching through out Video Analysis evaluation tools and free marketing services.

Player Technology

​Use Video Analysis lessons to bring a new dimension to your teaching. The Sports Motion Video Player combined with a coaching analysis will help riders improve faster and with better understanding. 


Frame by Frame and Slow Motion Playback help tremendously.  Riders can playback videos in whatever way works best for them.


Timecode function makes it easy to trainers to refer to specific parts of the video.

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Seeing is Believing!

A picture is worth a thousand words. 


With our technology you'll hear riders say "Oh, now I understand what you're needing me to do." 


Once riders sees the mistake, they can more easily apply the correction.

Expand Your Training Services!

Offer follow up remote coaching for clinic students.

Your coaching analysis can easily include

  • Large Audio Evaluation where you go into more detail.

  • Offer text comments and one minute audio clips for a quick evaluation of specific video parts.

  • In person Video Analysis for individuals, groups, or clubs at your barn.

  • Over the phone Video Analysis using our Sports Motion Video Player.

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Audio & Text Comments
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Additional Trainer Benefits:

Evaluate different riding disciplines from dressage, eventing, hunters to western pleasure, western riding, and barrel racing.

Create a Video Channel using our Sports Motion Video Player and evaluation tools highlighting specific exercises you like to use.

Use our coaching analysis tools to judge riders riding a test before a show or perform confirmation classes.

Trainer Marketing Services:

  • Story telling is the best marketing.  Weekend Equestrian will tell your services and accomplishments to a larger equestrian audience.

  • Marketing services will primarily operate by promotional emails, posts on Weekend Equestrian's social media pages, and promotional events on our website.

Trainers may be invited to participate in different marketing activities such as:

  • Trainers directory listing highlighting your services

  • Upload free horse for sale listings

  • Invite trainers to upload videos to our Education Channel and provide a audio or comment analysis.

  • Trainers can participate in livestream review sessions of different training exercises and talk about rider improvements.

  • Participate in a variety of promotional giveaways

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