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Horseback Riding

Weekend Equestrian

Our Sports Motion Video Player and evaluation tools are designed to help riders improve their riding using slow motion analysis and commenting tools.

Online Video Coaching Made Easy!

Our Technology includes:

  • Slow Motion video playback by trainer and riders (10% speed to 200% speed).

  • Frame by frame playback (forward and reverse).

  • Timecode function (makes it easy to tell where you are in a big video).

  • Easy to share (copy video or coaching analysis link to email or text).

  • Unlimited short audio or text comments (Use timecode function to refer to the part of the video).

  • Audio evaluations (Trainers can record long audio evaluations).

Why Weekend Equestrian?

Grow your business to a larger audience or offer more services to your existing clients with our Sports Motion Video Player, Evaluation tools, and free Marketing services for trainers.

Receive a Video Analysis coaching session by any trainer with a phone call and our Sports Motion Video Player.

RIder Video Analysis

As a trainer, how can Weekend Equestrian help you?

Video Player Technology

​Use Video Analysis lessons to bring a new dimension to your teaching. The Sports Motion Video Player combined with a coaching analysis will help riders improve faster and with better understanding. 


Frame by Frame and Slow Motion Playback help tremendously.  Riders can playback videos in whatever way works best for them.


Timecode function makes it easy to trainers to refer to specific parts of the video.

Video Player.JPG
Horse Leaning.png

Seeing is Believing!

A picture is worth a thousand words. 


With our technology you'll hear riders say "Oh, now I understand what you're needing me to do." 


Once riders sees the mistake, they can more easily apply the correction.

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