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Video Player Features
Slow Motion & Frame by Frame

Slow motion playback allows a rider to watch the video in the speed they prefer.  Watch videos as low as 10% speed.  Easily change between speeds while video is playing.

Frame by Frame Playback

Frame by Frame playback allows a rider to focus on specific parts of their ride.  Playback can be forward or reverse and is controlled by keyboard shortcuts and video buttons.

Video Timecode

The timecode features makes it easy for a trainer to reference any part of the video when commenting or coaching a rider.

Cloud Hosted

Our videos are hosted in our secure online storage.  This means your video analysis can easily be shared by email or texting a link to the hosted page.  

Plays on Any Device

Our videos will play on mobile phones, computers, and tablets.  The videos are encoded to work seamlessly in any browser.

Coaching Analysis Features
Audio Analysis

Trainers can provide a audio analysis to their riding students.  Audio analysis's can be up to 30 minutes in length.

Audio Evaluation.JPG
Short Audio & Text Comments

Trainers have access to unlimited text and audio comments when completing a coaching analysis (Audio comments are limited to one minute).

Upload Images

Trainers can use any screenshot tool to take a picture of the video and use drawing tools to mark up the picture to show specific points.

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