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Horseback Riding

Weekend Equestrian

Trainers can easily implement Video Analysis Coaching into your lesson or clinic program.  Video analysis coaching will help your riding students improve.  Our proprietary "Sports Motion Video Player" makes learning easy with slow motion video analysis.

Equestrian Coaching Made Easy!

Demo Video Analysis Example:

Why Weekend Equestrian?

Riders learn by watching others ride and then practicing what they see!

Our Sports Motion Video Player makes it easy to watch videos and learn riding exercises and concepts.

Any trainer can implement in person, over the phone, or comment video analysis lessons.

RIder Video Analysis
Video Player.JPG

​Use Video Analysis lessons to bring a new dimension to your teaching. The Sports Motion Video Player combined with a coaching analysis will help riders improve faster and with better understanding. 


Expand your Training Services - Offer in person, over the phone, or comment video analysis coaching sessions.

Frame by Frame and Slow Motion Playback help tremendously.  Riders can playback videos in whatever way works best for them.


Timecode function makes it easy to trainers to refer to specific parts of the video.

Interested in helping us test Weekend Equestrian - It's free to test and use!
Click here to email Will

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